Day 84 and the 12 Week Wall

Day 84 Record Keeping SRHI = 66
Day 52 Fixed Meditation SRHI = 71
Day 13 Walking SRHI = 18 (Did not walk yesterday)
Bad night sleep, high carb day yesterday, great wakeup.

The 12 Week Wall

Ray Cronise talks about hitting a wall at 12 weeks when it came to his previous weight loss programs. A number of studies in diet and exercise, and bodybuilding training regiments take place over 12 weeks. 


I’ve been trying to figure out where this time originated. I find that my current eating plan has been great - it’s been easy, I’ve been steadily losing weight, and I have never really gotten that feeling, like I did before, of just hitting a wall. Until yesterday.

I’m beginning to recognize that feeling of ego depletion - actually, it’s not just that - it’s long term endurance depletion - where I’m just fed up with prolonging one simple task for long term.

Yesterday is about week 13 - and it might be a host of factors. I’ve just moved, I’m working on a new habit, work is frustrating me, and the area I’ve moved to is lacking a social element, which gets me down, and it’s making homesick. 

These factors all see to come up at any habit. And I’m curious if 12 weeks is just simply the danger zone for any eating habit - which makes me really curious why it’s such an established length of time in the first place. 

Unfortunately I do not have the data for the first 13 weeks. But I might just have to start recording it from here on out.