Day 831

Weekend Habits
Day 831 Record Keeping

Day 55 Pantry Check (74)
Day 53 Recording

Good sleep, good wakeup.
I previously defined today as my metrics day (every 2 weeks or so) for weight loss, and am seriously considering Sunday for forming a once in a week planning/metrics day. 

I think weight loss and metrics are a real pain, and I want to do a full post on it later. In meditation, progress is much more… when I record things I have to record more than numbers. I think it might be the case for weight loss. 

For example, my numbers didn’t change today from two weeks ago. But I am feeling pretty bloated and gassy today. I’ve also noticed my legs looking differently - you know that feeling when you suddenly notice or feel a difference? I remember when I was biking a lot when I was a teen for the entire summer, I one day suddenly noticed I had quads. 

Maybe it’s the bloat, maybe it’s not. But my honest noticing of a body part becoming defined, and the fact it’s sudden, not an obsessive preening, seems to be at least a little worthy of inclusion when it comes to progress. Idunno, just a few thoughts that I hope to writeup more thoroughly later.