Day 819

Day 819 Record Keeping
Day 791 Fixed Meditation (23 min)
Day 665 Writing
Day 205 Rowing (HIIT, 17 min, 30s:1min, 3300 m)
Day 43 Pantry Check (72)
Day 41 Recording 

Great sleep, good wakeup.
Excellent meditation.  Experimented with different music for HIIT - I realize I tend to always listen to really high octane fighting the world type music to get me pumped. I’m curious if this affects my motivation to enjoy the pain periods of pushing any skill, so I tried listening to Enya during this instance of rowing, which was hilarious. I can’t say yet what the effect is. My performance from my last similar HIIT was lower, but I cracked up a couple of times in the middle of more relaxed stages of my workout. Will this continue to negatively affect my output? Will it help me start difficult practice? Idunno, we’ll see…