Day 811

Day 811 Record Keeping
Day 783 Fixed Meditation (23 min)
Day 657 Writing
Day 197 Rowing (30 min/ 5400 m)
Day 35 Pantry Check (71)
Day 33 Recording (79)
Horrible sleep, bad wakeup.
I think I drank some coffee later in the day, resulting in horrible sleep. Also incredibly depleted - just feel exhausted today. But, I did everything! 

I’m hoping all this will normalize once my two eating habits are solid superhabits. It is usually what happens - a period of feeling exhausted, followed by a period of feeling energetic and chomping at the bit to do way too much. 

I also have to remember I’ve also been pushing rowing by adding in HIITs, and though that’s going well, it has to have an impact on the system as a whole.

Bit by bit!