DAY 800!!!! :) & HIIT Progression

Day 800 Record Keeping
Day 772 Fixed Meditation (21 min)
Day 646 Writing
Day 186 Rowing (HIIT, 15s:1min, 2600 m)
Day 24 Pantry Check (65)
Day 22 Recording (75)
Great sleep, great wakeup.
If you would have told me that I had the capability to do any task for this long deliberately (without falling into it or being pushed to do it somehow) I would have laughed. I tried so hard for so long when I was younger - hell, even a few years ago - and to have gotten this far is really really amazing. 

HIIT Progression
Today I switched up my HIIT - I found THIS LINK on about a HIIT progression that changes up every two weeks for 8 weeks. I thought I would try it because I felt my HIITS were getting a bit boring, and I want to incorporate small cycles of progressions into all of my habits. Though it is absolutely hilarious that I can consider 8 weeks as a “small cycle”.

The change felt absolutely great. It was longer, with shorter spurts of all out effort. At the end I felt exhausted but in a different way, which is exactly the point. We’ll see how it goes!