Day 8, Fitocracy vs 750words

Finally a good night of sleep

I was thinking about Fitocracy vs 750Words and I realized that there just isn’t the same amount of addiction. Don’t get me wrong, Fitocracy is a great website, but for some reason it doesn’t pull me as much. And I think the main reason is that there aren’t enough badges.

If I have a personal best, I’ll get an achievement but I won’t get one if I, say, workout 20 days in a row (as far as I know). To me that emphasizes achievement over overall fitness - i.e. habituation.

It’s the same tired old paradigm of doing more equalling more recognition. Which is great if you’re already an active person. But to, say, switch from writing occasionally to becoming a daily writer, you need achievements that addict you to streaks of writing, which 750 words does really well.

And this isn’t just about paradigms - though I do believe that the distinction is important - it’s far more practical. 750 words is just more addicting because there’s an incentive for you to play every day, whereas I feel that high fades with Fitocracy.

I’m sure that For the Win has something to say about this, but I’m too lazy to look up a reference right now.