Day 790 & The Night Owl Blues

Day 790 Record Keeping
Day 762 Fixed Meditation (38 min)
Day 636 Writing 
Day 176 Rowing (30 min/ 5000 m)
Day 14 Pantry Check (56)
Day 12 Recording (61)
Good sleep, good wakeup. 

The Night Owl Blues

I’ve found myself in a schedule where I go to bed really really absurdly late and wake up late - which can be easy to do if you’re a freelancer. The good thing is that I’m not over sleeping, I’m just sleeping in the wrong times. I hate this, this always happens, but it artificially makes it feel as though I have a shorter day, a less fulfilling day - though I do get to talk on Skype to my friends back home because I’m essentially on their schedule!

So tonight I’m going to attempt a reset, one that I hope will inform me later whenever I start my waking up early habit again. My plan is to shut off my computer and phone an hour before bed, drink some sleepy time tea, get in bed and read, and do a meditation that usually knocks me out. Maybe I’ll even listen to an extremely boring set of tapes I have.

I’ve tried just setting my alarm, but what prevents me from just getting up is my writing task - there’s no way I can just shuffle through that, it’s something that require complete concentration, and even then it’s hard. Now lowering the standard for that tomorrow might help just in case I don’t sleep well. People say that drinking a glass of cold water when you get up gets the blood flowing so to speak, so I could do that.

And I have just not gone to sleep at all for one day to reset, but I’d like to try it the opposite method, and I’d like to not do it gradually. Nowadays I’m getting fantastic sleep, I just want to shift it over. We’ll see how this goes.