Day 79

Day 79 Record Keeping SRHI = 58
Day 47 Fixed Meditation SRHI = 71
Day 8 Walking SRHI=20 - DID NOT WALK TODAY
Great sleep, great wakeup.

A few observations. First, doing my meditation before getting up has made my wake ups great - whether or not I’ve had a bad night of sleep.

Secondly, my record keeping is falling  - and I feel it’s falling because it is being affected by my walking. I wait until I’ve finished my walk (or in today’s case - not finished) in order to record. And in many cases if I don’t do walk, I don’t record until later because there is at least a potential to walk. It causes hesitation in my habit process.

And what this makes me think I should do is record the habit for the previous day - this well help with the timing and automaticity of record keeping.

This kind’ve makes me think that the SRHI should be added to to include changing external situations. I would think that it would be difficult to change a habit, but since I’ve moved and added another habit, my conditions have changed and it has dragged my scores down rather fast.