Day 787

Day 787 Record Keeping
Day 759 Fixed Meditation (20 min)
Day 633 Writing (did not complete)
Day 173 Rowing (did not complete)
Day 11 Pantry Check (55)
Day 9 Recording (62)
Good sleep, good wakeup.
 Writing habit did not fire - it’s a weird stage in pushing that habit. Since I slammed up against a wall in the skill vector, several other habits, like rowing, did not occur. I did meditation and recording a lot later than I normally would have because of that misfire. I feel that is a big problem in pushing skills - if the task is too hard or it’s not properly thought out ahead of time, it just doesn’t occur. That causes problems with tasks tied to the completion of that first task.

I should really brainstorm some ideas regarding this problem because I’ve experienced it a couple times before, and it really messes up things. 

On the other hand, I went out last night, came back late, ended up making food which took way way too long, yet still did my food recording even though everything pointed in the direction of not doing it. So automaticity shot up in my SRHI for that behavior.