Day 777 & Pantry Check Implementation

Day 777 Record Keeping
Day 749 Fixed Meditation (12 min)
Day 623 Writing
Day 163 Rowing (30 min/ 5100 m)
Day 1 Pantry Check (SRHI = 39)
Horrible sleep, good wakeup.

Pantry Check Implementation
Implementation Intention: As soon as I wake up I’ll check to see whether I need any staples. 
Mental Contrasting: Positives include having a solid step in conquering eating, which will in turn get me to my body goals. Eating has been a thorn in my side, and I feel I’ll be able to move on in this project without having to continually scrap it and start over again.
Obstacles include small things like not having the list of my staples on hand, not knowing how to do it while traveling or when people are visiting. Lydia and I usually do it together, so when she leaves for a trip on her own next week then it might disrupt my own regularity because it’s a habit forming with her.

My step ups would be other “counterintuitively small habits” like quantifying what I eat every day, which I intend to implement in a few days since these are all really “tiny.” An addition to the pantry might also be actually making sure I have the staples…this has been happening pretty automatically, but that might be an added thing. If I don’t have them, then I go out and get them, or something like that.