Day 75 & New Diggs

Day 75 Record Keeping SRHI = 58
Day 43 Fixed Meditation SRHI = 70
Day 4 Walking SRHI=12
Horrible sleep, great wakeup.

Just moved into a new neighborhood yesterday. The hectic nature of packing belongings and cleaning interfered with my record keeping - I ended up skipping two days. But my fixed meditation remained rock solid.

There are three thoughts I have about this.

One, a possibility is that older habits need to be periodically “recharged” to maintain their consistency. And this can be done as a cycle as part of a larger training program to prevent lapses like this. And that is the goal of this whole project - to create a well developed habit forming program.

A second possibility is that the lifecycle of a habit is larger than just a race to get to the the 70’s in the SRHI scale. It could be that there is another period further along where numbers dip because of changing circumstances or just a lack of energy. 

Thirdly, this makes me question aspects of the SRHI - if you’ve got to the 70’s you’ve got a pretty strong habit - the only reason you wouldn’t continue to be consistent would be for things that are perhaps missing - Perhaps questions should be added regarding still doing a task when your conditions have changed. Or still doing a task when there are stumbling blocks along the way.