Day 742 & More Delayed Onset Endurance/Willpower Drain

Day 742 Record Keeping
Day 714 Fixed Meditation
Day 588 Writing
Day 128 Rowing (Skipped)

Day 16 Early Wakeup (37) (Skipped)
Horrible sleep, rough wakeup.
Did not automatically get up - again, must set down protocol. Really emotional day, got very depressed. Spent most of the day working on a writing assignment. Incredibly low willpower. Did not row today. 

More Delayed Onset Endurance/Willpower Drain

My theory: yesterday I expended more on pushing skills. Wrote for longer, meditated sitting on cushion instead of in a chair like I’ve been doing (cross legged sitting forces me to work on my feet going uncomfortably numb) working out hard. The expenditure resulted in lowered Endurance/Willpower today. This seems to happen a lot when I excel on one day other days of the week take a hit, what I talked about before as Delayed Endurance Drain.

This doesn’t explain in detail the relationship between Willpower and Endurance, nor when exactly the delay would happen. But it’s an emerging pattern I’d like to keep my eye on for later testing.