Day 72, Stopping Dynamic Meditation, Starting Walking

Day 72 Record Keeping SRHI = 61
Day 40 Fixed Meditation SRHI = 72
Day 39 Dynamic Meditation SRHI
Day 1 Walking SRHI=12
OK sleep, great wakeup.
At this point, my dynamic meditation will require more than what I can do. It rose sharply, then fluttered on and off - I don’t seem to have a focused way to get more data out of it at the moment, so I’m continuing on with my next habit with the intention of coming back to dynamic meditation as an extension of fixed meditation in the future. I am keeping my data just to compare it to any other “continual” habits I might wish to pursue later.
Today was my first day - I walked to the beach and back - I probably walked about an hour - and that’s about where I want it to stay as a habit.