Day 71 & Dithering

Day 71 Record Keeping SRHI = 64
Day 39 Fixed Meditation SRHI = 74
Day 38 Dynamic Meditation SRHI = 51
Good night sleep, good wakeup.

I’ve really been dithering around with dynamic meditation. It has seemed to just be stuck in this middle spot - slightly failing, slightly rising in terms of the SRHI.

I had originally thought of this project as one step in mastering a skill. A habit does not equal mastery - at some point you have to push past the barriers of complacency to get really good. And many skills have this two stage step up - first make the habit, then push. So maybe fixed meditation is the only thing I need right now, and the next step, later on, is equanimity at all times.

I’m still debating it, but it might be time to set this aside, and focus on the next habit, with a plan to revisit this one.