Day 70 & Supercharging Habits in the Morning

Day 70 Record Keeping SRHI = 63
Day 38 Fixed Meditation SRHI = 73
Day 37 Dynamic Meditation SRHI = 56
Good night sleep, great wakeup.

I’ve noticed that my fixed meditation habit has seemed to get a supercharge - The numbers are high despite the fact, in terms of length of time, it’s a younger habit than record keeping.

When I first started the fixed meditation habit, I would get up, get ready for the day, and then read a meditation script on my computer. That started from when I worked in a work space, and I didn’t want to close my eyes or zone out and have co-workers notice me.

A few weeks ago I transitioned from that to meditating in bed when I was just awake and before I had gotten up. There have been times where I begin the mental sequence in the haze between slumber and being fully cognizant. And last night, I dreamt of myself in a panic because I had forgotten to meditate - so when I woke up I felt relief.

This kickstarted something - when I answer the SRHI I get a huge boost in scores from the automaticity aspects. And today I got a gentle rise in “feeling weird if I don’t do it” questions. And aside from the pure score, it feels, overall, more a part of me.

There is a danger here in being too fragmented with the SRHI. As Dr. Vanderplanken stated (I write about it in THIS post) the index is meant to be holistic. ALL of the features make up a habit, not just individual sections.

But morning repetition seems to increase several elements: automaticity, identity, and feelings about not doing the task.

So the question is - does doing a fixed habit upon awakening (NOT arising) ingrain a habit faster?  And how should I use this in terms of multiple habits? Do some older habits need to be “charged”? For example, I notice my record keeping seems to be fading a bit - I have to consciously force myself at times to do the habit - to get it back up to snuff should I have my computer by my bed and start recording things while I’m still a bit hazy? This is something I will have to experiment with….