Day 7, Batman and Regimentation


Couldn’t sleep last night…caught a couple ZZs after it got light outside.

I was thinking about Batman since I’m a huge Batman fan. A lot of people say that he’s not a SUPER hero because he has no super powers. But that’s not exactly true.

His super power is self discipline.

Not only is he able to practice skills across many disciplines over and over across time past setbacks, thereby displaying willpower, endurance, and grit, but he’s also able to keep these practices separate. He’s able to, at 5 pm, workout, and smoothly shift to, say, working another skill at 9 pm.

And more importantly he’s able to separate these things mentally - he’s not worrying about his 5 pm workout after his scheduled time. He just does it, and leaves it after the slot for the day is done. This is a different skill - regimentation.

We learn a lot of skills because they are forced upon us. In the military or in school there is no choice, and we become very good at certain tasks because we have to do them at a certain time and then leave them. But this becomes very difficult in transitions like going to college. High school athletes who were once very regimented suddenly gain weight, and many, no matter their attempts, can’t seem to get back on course.

And I think this is an important aspect of this project - to figure out how to self impose discipline and grit and regimentation so that  you can automatically do tasks over time without the psychological gobbledygook that gets in the way of skill acquisition over the years.