Day 665 & New Eating Habit

Day 665 Record Keeping (81)
Day 634 Fixed Meditation
Day 511 Writing (81)
Day 51 Rowing (79)
Day 1 Eating (19)
Good sleep, good wakeup. 

New Eating Habit
My eating habit has been on it’s last legs for a long time so I decided to destroy it. I talked about a reimplementation recently and did a test run last week.

What I found was that it solved issues regarding decision fatigue. And I’m focusing on my SRHI index referring to specifically my first shelf - “automatically eating a clean meal right after recording” - as evidenced in my score it’s no where near any sort of automaticity. I’m recording this habit for the previous days actions, as this fits neatly in my daily schedule of tasks.

But what I’m realizing is that automaticity really depends on a crisp, clear, if-then and a Tiny Habit. It worked (is working) for rowing and it’s definitely working for my writing habit - which should be more correctly described as a Writing/Work habit.

In it I’m pushing specific tasks I find incredibly difficult, but I’m being very attentive to when I do the task (after I drink a glass of water after my rowing) and the tinyness of the habit (30 minutes). I’ve been shocking myself at how much I’ve been getting done over the course of a week with very little anxiety - this is usually the amount I get done after screaming at the computer and tiring myself over the course of full days.

I’m hoping that breaking up eating into little tiny bits will be a more long term solution.