Day 65

Day 65 Record Keeping SRHI = 68
Day 33 Fixed Meditation SRHI = 73
Day 32 Dynamic Meditation SRHI = 60
Great night sleep, ok wakeup.

I keep thinking I’m going to try something for Dynamic Meditation, and then don’t. It was suggested that I try a number of things, each individually for a week, and see how it affects my progress. 

I’ve already done listing out all my instances of doing dynamic meditation in response to negative emotions welling up.

Starting today, I’m going to do it in timed intervals. I’m going to attempt doing a focused meditation and check of my emotional state every hour and seeing how that works. I will try to do this for a week, and then try something else.

My failing motivation to try new things to see how “continual habits” work is due to another rise in the SRHI for the habit - this happened before at the very beginning, but it turned out to be a false positive. This one feels false as well.