Day 629 & Ending Eating Habit

Day 629 Record Keeping (44)
Day 598 Fixed Meditation (77)
Day 475 Writing (49)
Day 15 Rowing (65)

Ok sleep, ok wakeup.

Ending Eating Habit
As I described in my last post I’ve had some serious thoughts when it comes to reformatting my eating habit, as it hasn’t concretely resulted in solid automaticity.

So I’m scratching it, a habit I’ve recorded for 644 days, and starting over from the beginning. It’s not all for naught - I think I’ve gotten a lot out of it. But I think at this point starting from the very beginning using all I’ve learned will get me to where I want faster. 

However, I’m not yet going to start. I think there might be another habit I want to institute first. I’ll get into that in another post.