Day 62

Day 62 Record Keeping SRHI = 67
Day 30 Fixed Meditation SRHI = 68
Day 29 Dynamic Meditation SRHI = 58
Bad night sleep, bleary wakeup.

Yesterday I was lazy with Dynamic Meditation - instead of noting things down, I ended up just mentally noting as though I were going to note things down later. It worked pretty well - I was able to really focus on relaxing through stress (I had an assignment due so yesterday was a bit stressful). 

I also asked the folks over at The Tad Principle for tips on maintaining mindfulness throughout the day. They had some great suggestions, including doing a focused, brief meditation session every hour and wearing a reminder bracelet. 

This last thing was great - because I really do feel for things like tension, it’s not so much an event that rears its head - I’m so conditioned to be tense that I really do have to remember to feel myself, notice I’m tense, and then relax.

I was also finally able to get into a mentality of choosing to be relaxed and happy like I did in the first week - there was a specific sensation of cheating at life. And when I get into that, I often start giggling. That sensation is really what I’m looking for. Maybe I can more accurately gauge this by writing down the number of times I get into that frame of mind, since it seems to encapsulate the positivity I’m trying to bring into my life.