Day 617 & NaNoWriMo

Day 617 Record Keeping (25)
Day 586 Fixed Meditation (60)
Day 459 Writing (58)
Day 3 Rowing (35)

Day 632 Eating (50)
Bad sleep, great wakeup. 

This month I’m doing NaNoWriMo specifically for this project. It’s been really exiting going from the very beginning and seeing how much I’ve progressed. I hope to be able to see exactly what information I need with what I’ve covered in the blog, and what I can do to fill those missing bits in.

This is the first day I’ve managed to record from my huge swatch of missing habits. But hey, that’s a part of the project just as much as staying on track. I’m really pushing writing right now, so I’m interested how that strain will affect other habits that I’m trying to recover. I’m also interested to see how fast the habits will “snap back.”