Day 6, Lumo Lift, Categories of Habits

SRHI = 29

Remembered in the morning again - It’s interesting the stages you go through with this - First forgetting entirely and “catching yourself” later, then remembering as soon as you get up, then getting a degree of autamaticity about the whole thing…

A few months ago I was indundated with ads on Facebook about Lumo Lift, from

Basically it’s a device to help with body posture. It’s a device that syncs with your smartphone to remind you when you are slouching.

It’s a great idea to combat a different habit - the correction of a general state of being that you should do all the time. They way I see it, there are several categories of habits that should be attacked in different ways.

1. Habits of Instance - a regular habit, like flossing or working out - you do these once a day

2. Habits of Omission - a habit of not doing something i.e. not smoking, or not facebooking

3. Continual Habits - a habit like good posture or relaxing, something that ideally should be kept up at all times

I’m glad Lumo Lift got put on my radar because it really is one of those core habits like learning an instrument or flossing - everyone says they want better posture, but very few people ever actually go about trying to achieve it. As such I’m putting it on my list of future habits, and have ordered the device.