Day 58 & What Should I Work on Next?

Day 58 Record Keeping SRHI = 72
Day 26 Fixed Meditation SRHI = 63
Day 25 Dynamic Meditation SRHI = 49
Good sleep, good wakeup.

Well, I had theorized that my record keeping habit would take about 60 day, and judging from my high score today, it’s right about there. My fixed meditation is very strong, so it’s about time for me to add another habit.

The question is, what will it be? I am very eager to start some sort of workout plan. My eating habit is going well, but this next month, the third month, is usually when it all falls a part. My dynamic meditation, which I’ve said is the most important thing I could ever do, is still very very weak.

Steven Pressfield in his book Do The Work, talks about procrastination as a compass pointing you exactly to the places you need work. When I look inside myself, I want to do an exercise habit, I want to do so many, but I don’t want to work on this Dynamic Meditation. This is a pretty good indicator that that’s exactly what I should do.