Day 552

Day 552 Record Keeping (68)
Day 521 Fixed Meditation
Day 467 Bodyweight Exercise (6 rounds tabatas - 68)
Day 394 Writing (66)
Day 567 Eating (73)
Ok sleep, good wakeup.
Talked about why I missed Day 547, then got busy and didn’t record Day 549 despite doing all the habits. Decided on daily minimums and next shelves for all my habits - will write about them soon. Writing is getting good now that I have established my daily minimum in my head - it is really getting automatic. Often times I’ll sit down and bring up my work files when not really wanting to. This is really good and a big thing in my writing practice - will write about this more in detail as well. I did a Tabata today, and I’m curious how this will affect my regimentation tomorrow.