Day 539

Day 539 Record Keeping (58)
Day 508 Fixed Meditation (84)
Day 454 Bodyweight Exercise (4 typewriter pushups - 73)
Day 381 Writing (47)
Day 554 Eating (65)
Ok sleep, ok wakeup.
Switching up my schedule worked great for writing. Got stuck trying to figure out what I should do for my workout schedule - I want to do cardio interspersed with my bodyweight plan, but got stuck thinking about it and almost didn’t do it. I think I should come up with a bunch of maxims - one maxim in this case would be something to the effect of: “Thinking about things interferes with the doing.” 

Meaning I should continue what I’ve already set out to do and have a planning session that doesn’t interfere with that in order to decide what future activities will be.