Day 510  & Writing Crispiness

Day 510 Record Keeping
Day 479 Fixed Meditation (83)
Day 425 Bodyweight Exercise (2 form picky typewriter pushups - 83)
Day 352 Writing (editing - 74)
Day 525 Eating (78)
Great sleep, good wakeup. 

Writing Crispiness
Noticed today that my writing “crispiness” isn’t solid. What exactly consists of a “win” for my writing habit has blurred - is it editing, is it writing, how much? Should I be doing my DiSSS protocol? It’s all vague and because my daily minimums are vague I don’t have a clear trajectory of improvement. 

This stems with my indecisiveness as to how to progress towards mastery. I want to lose weight, I enjoy progressing in everything, but as far as I can tell I can’t do this with everything.

I basically just need to choose and go for it. If it’s writing, it’s working up to mastery - mastery for me is being able to output a lot - pitches, following up on pitches, and completed, fully edited work, regularly. That’s hard, but a solid protocol will get me there - I know I have the capacity for it.

The protocol will also have to deal with my crazy travel schedule in the next few months. My schedule really is insane, so I should take this time to figure out ways around it.

I leave for Spain tomorrow, so I’m hoping to outline a good strategy once I’m there.