Day 51, Mindfulness Training, Change Your Environment, Change Your Habits

Day 51 Record Keeping SRHI = 65
Day 19 Fixed Meditation SRHI = 58
Day 18 Dynamic Meditation SRHI = 49
Goodnight sleep, great wakeup.

Today’s fixed meditation came smoothly like yesterday, and I did it immediately upon waking up, which I’m sure will be better for the habit. It’s making the shift from a task I need to do to something that just flows - a part of who I am.

Dynamic meditation is coming along - yesterday I really had to fight several times to maintain my equanimity. Mental exhaustion was the real problem, and I imagine it will be the case for a while. I did end up doing mindfulness meditation when I was half asleep last night, which was an interesting experience. In mindfulness meditation you act as a third party to your mind-stream, watching thoughts arise, and then fade away.

In the dream state thoughts arise and become reality, so the process of pulling away, watching them as a viewer is more difficult. This felt very close to the feeling I had the few times I’ve had lucid dreams, and I can see why some sects of Tibetan monks are obsessed with lucid dreaming.

I feel eager to try it again when going to sleep tomorrow - it feels like practicing something in another environment - sometimes it can really change the exhaustion and make you eager. 

Speaking of a changed environment, I’ve been following a blogger, James Clear, who in a recent post described the relationship between behavior and environment. 

He has a very interesting two step process to changing habits by redesigning your environment when it comes to a habit - in his words:

  • To stick with a good habit, reduce the number of steps required to perform the behavior.
  • To break a bad habit, increase the number of steps required to perform the behavior.

I’ll definitely have to play around with this. Check out his blog HERE