Day 50, Continual Habits, and Food

Day 50 Record Keeping SRHI = 64
Day 18 Fixed Meditation SRHI = 54
Day 17 Dynamic Meditation SRHI = 48
Goodnight sleep, ok wakeup.

Today’s fixed meditation was, for a lack of a better world - smooth. All the visualizations and mental gymnastics I do for it just came naturally. This is one of the first times where it has come that smoothly - usually I feel sluggish, forcing my mind to move. So that’s good.

Yesterday I felt I got more into the groove of the Dynamic Meditation after days of feeling depressed and not really being able to concretely control emotional outbreaks. This morning I caught a negative emotion before it started and dealt with it completely automatically.

I am curious if there is a better way of doing this. Continual habits tend to be really exhausting, what with monitoring them all day long. Would it be better to try it for an hour, then expand more and more? I really don’t know, but it bears some research - how do people correct posture? And by that I wonder if there are people who do it at a more rigorous level than simply “just sit up straight”.

I mentioned in a post from a few days ago that I would be curious to see the results of an SRHI on my healthy eating habit. I went to the store today and thought about going to eat at a restaurant that wasn’t healthy, and it felt weird - feeling weird when you don’t do a habit is one of the questions on the SRHI. So I just took it, and I scored a 63. So it appears…APPEARS this is a pretty solid habit - we’ll see as the days go on. It definitely feels more solid than anything else, but I experienced a dip in motivation at about the three month mark, and this is only two months in. 

But, I’ve never felt that weird feeling when thinking about a cheat meal before.