Day 496

Day 496 Record Keeping
Day 465 Fixed Meditation (2nd jhana? -82)
Day 411 Bodyweight Exercise (2 typewriter pushups - 76)
Day 338 Writing (pitching - 73)
Day 511 Eating (63)
Horrible sleep, horrible wakeup. 13 days missing, willpower and endurance has been totally drained, emotions in the dumpster. BUT, yesterday and today I got a huge surge of strength. I thought that my project had collapsed again, but today I feel totally renewed. Tomorrow I’m going to really think about the focus of my project and if I’ll be continuing marketing and dynamic meditation - I think I might be tightening up my project to focus on mastery.

Had a powerful meditation today, possibly brushed 2nd jhana. Excellent bought of writing yesterday - I thought that my DiSSS protocol training was a failure, but yesterday it was clear that I had learned an immense amount.