Day 483

Day 483 Record Keeping
Day 452 Fixed Meditation
Day 398 Bodyweight Exercise (2 typewriter pushups)
Day 325 Writing (started writing middle, not very much)
Day 498 Eating (58)
Day 133 Dynamic Meditation (20 min)
Day 80 Marketing = 54 (actionable task)

Great sleep, great wakeup. 16 days missing because of a lot of traveling. 2 back to back work trips, and moved in the middle, so my endurance is shot, willpower is shot, emotionally all over the place and my SRHI is really low for a lot of habits.

Dynamic Meditation Notes (20 minutes):

Writing (writing middle):
-Did a tiny bit of writing for the middle. Not much, but I’m glad I at least attempted it this first time.