Day 464 & Dynamic Meditation Superhabit

Day 464 Record Keeping
Day 433 Fixed Meditation
Day 379 Bodyweight Exercise (2 typewriter pushups)
Day 306 Writing (transitions, 3 articles, 40 minutes!)
Day 479 Eating (71)
Day 114 Dynamic Meditation = 79 (20 min)
Day 61 Marketing = 67 (actionable task)

Great sleep, great wakeup. SICK, but much better. I’m calling Dynamic Meditation a superhabit - it’s been in the 80′s and 79 for about a month now. So this will be the last time I take the SRHI (barring it dropping from my regimen or having problems pushing it).

Dynamic Meditation Notes (20 minutes):
-x4 Shoulders

Writing (transitions, 3 articles, 40 minutes):
-Pushing this is hard, but not hard as in difficult. I feel like I want to stop, to look at facebook - distracted, but also that feeling of procrastination - “I don’t want to do it” - And I think that emotion is important to describe and acknowledge because it’s exactly the type of feeling I felt when pushing the research aspect. It eventually collapsed down with research into a “oh that’s not hard at all I don’t know what the big fuss was about.” I’m curious if the same thing happens here and in all bouts of pushing skills.