Day 455

Day 455 Record Keeping
Day 424 Fixed Meditation
Day 370 Bodyweight Exercise (3 bridges)
Day 297 Writing (research, 2 articles)
Day 470 Eating (66)
Day 105 Dynamic Meditation = 79 (20 min)
Day 52 Marketing = 71 (actionable task)

Good sleep, great wakeup. Decided to start recording eating again…my eating has been really off lately.

Dynamic Meditation Notes (20 minutes):
x1 shoulders minor

Writing (2 articles in 1 hour)
-It was really tiring. Not necessarily difficult, but just tiring
-I can definitely streamline this more and do it faster
-only did 2 articles in 1 hour. I want to up this to 3 in an hour, AND I want to extend this to two hours