Day 45 & Improving Automaticity

Day 45 Record Keeping SRHI = 57
Day 13 Fixed Meditation SRHI = 46
Day 12 Dynamic Meditation SRHI = 52
Great night sleep, great wakeup. Extremely depressed upon waking up, blasted through it with meditation.

I feel that the automaticity element of my meditations could use some work. I imagine waking up in the morning and just automatically going through my fixed meditation. I imagine going through the day and just naturally doing my meditations as soon as I encounter a negative emotion.

I think periodic monitoring will help with dynamic meditation, like I did in the very beginning. But for fixed meditation I usually go through a script that I’ve written down. I did this initially so I could pretend like I was reading something when worked at an office last year. But now I don’t need that. 

Today was the first time I did it without the script, and I think that’s a good thing, and might help with the automaticity, especially doing it while still not quite awake.