Day 440

Day 440 Record Keeping
Day 409 Fixed Meditation
Day 355 Bodyweight Exercise (2 back walkdowns 1 bridge)
Day 282 Writing (pitching 93 words)
Day 455 Eating 
Day 90 Dynamic Meditation = 80 (1 hour)
Day 37 Marketing = 68 (pitching/research)

Great sleep, great wakeup. Really lackluster performance on this dreary, rainy day. Just…dragging. Been sleeping a lot. Writing was just 93 words for a pitch I should’ve done yesterday. Dynamic meditation was 1 hour instead of 2 my research was the bare bare minimum. These days happen, what can you do except work better tomorrow. That attitude is much more solid in my mind which is a Good…no, a FANTASTIC thing.

Dynamic Med Notes (1 hour):
X1 anger/outrage
x3 fidgeting
Notes: Arisings are noticeably few and far between

Interesting how the Dark Night I had really tore out huge segments of suffering. Nevertheless I’m starting to notice other arisings - like little whispers that weren’t as noticeable before that are now audible.