Day 44 & Vigilance in Continuous Habits

Day 44 Record Keeping SRHI = 62
Day 12 Fixed Meditation SRHI = 55
Day 11 Dynamic Meditation SRHI = 54
Great night sleep, great wakeup.

Early this week I got depressed and had problems deliberately choosing positive thoughts in my Dynamic Meditation habit.. I got it back on Tuesday, but I’ve definitely been slacking off in the last two days, and this seems to be reflected in my SRHI. 

Habits like this are hard. You have to be constantly vigilant for backsliding, and it’s very hard to sit there and record every instant of it. Yet that might be exactly what’s required for another few days.

But perhaps there is a halfway point. In a posture habit, I’d probably use something like Lumo Lift, which just buzzes whenever you have to straighten up. Perhaps all I really need is a periodic reminder to check my emotional state. I’ll fiddle with that idea and see what comes up.