Day 439

Day 439 Record Keeping
Day 408 Fixed Meditation
Day 354 Bodyweight Exercise (25 lb kbell tabata)
Day 281 Writing (pitching)
Day 454 Eating
Day 89 Dynamic Meditation = 80 (2 hours, 40 min)
Day 36 Marketing = 65 (pitching)

Great sleep, great wakeup. Dynamic meditation feels much more ingrained - identity questions have shot up. Marketing is in flux now, but hey it’s ok it’s still being built up.

Dynamic Med Notes (2 hours, 40 minutes):
a few minor arisings
a few minor shoulder
much more subtle fluctuations than before
Notes: At the hour mark there’s an increase in fluctuation. I’m shooting for 2 hours, as I believe my dark night event allows me to go further with the very end a lot of nervousness, but it subsided almost immediately as soon as I recognized it