Day 432

Day 432 Record Keeping
Day 401 Fixed Meditation
Day 347 Bodyweight Exercise (2 typewriter pushups)
Day 274 Writing (editing)
Day 447 Eating
Day 82 Dynamic Meditation = 72 (30 min)
Day 29 Marketing = 67 (action + editing)

Horrible sleep, slow wakeup. Last 4 days were weekend + messed up schedule with taking care of my mom for a surgery, which completely messed up my sleep schedule. In addition I’ve just been having horrible sleep. I think it’s because of my addiction to meditation. I start doing single pointed meditation right before going to sleep which seems to really mess up my sleep pattern. In addition my emotions have been all over the place since reaching first jhana - this has been reflected in my dynamic meditaiton. I’ll write about my experiences with it in another blog post.

Dynamic Med Notes (30 min):
x2 shoulders
Interrupted sessions twice - focus really bad in this.