Day 427

Day 427 Record Keeping
Day 396 Fixed Meditation
Day 342 Bodyweight Exercise (FULL 25 lb KBell Tabata)
Day 269 Writing (editing)
Day 442 Eating
Day 77 Dynamic Meditation = 78 (1 hour)
Day 24 Marketing = 73 (action + research)

Great sleep, great wakeup.  Excellent meditation, bodyweights. Cheat day for eating, and low will for marketing and writing. I think my threshold has been bad on days I do a full Tabata - I think I’ve naturally been cheating on those days, which is completely fine. I felt very low control with marketing which really really depressed me - that and writing. I think it’s really necessary to write out a list of tasks in a planner so I don’t have any question of what the next task is. Without a metric it can feel like I’m lost - working but not feeling like I’m progressing. That’s what I’m hoping the planner will counter.

Dynamic Med Notes (1 hour 10 min):
x7 shoulders
x6 fidgeting
x2 anger/irritation arising
innumerable arisings of fear and frustration and depression