Day 425

Day 425 Record Keeping
Day 394 Fixed Meditation
Day 340 Bodyweight Exercise (1x8, 1x4 typewriter pushups)
Day 267 Writing (198 words)
Day 440 Eating
Day 75 Dynamic Meditation = 76 (1 hour)
Day 22 Marketing = 74 (action + research)

Great sleep, great wakeup. A little slow. FINALLY broke past my skill plateau on typewriter pushups! Frustrated at the low amount I’m doing for marketing - but hey that’s to be expected at this stage of a habit. Want to do more for writing - especially the polishing/editing part. Should really established minimums and ratcheting for each habit. Meditation is amazing. Didn’t record the last two days - I think taking weekends might actually do some good for me. 

Dynamic Med Notes ( 1 hour):
7x shoulders/tension
3x fidgeting
Innumerable arisings of tension
Notes: A lot of the arisings come from not having a properly outlined sequence for progression.For example, if I need pics for an article, I can sink all day slowly mucking around photos with no actual progress. Why? Because what is progress? Is it the number of photographs I’ve looked at? Is it the number I’ve edited, or the number of final photos I got in the end?