Day 421

Day 421 Record Keeping
Day 390 Fixed Meditation
Day 336 Bodyweight Exercise (25 lb kbell tabata - full 8 cycles)
Day 263 Writing (117 words)
Day 436 Eating
Day 71 Dynamic Meditation = 76 (1 hour 18 min)
Day 18 Marketing = 67 (action)

Great sleep, great wakeup. A little slow today, mostly exhausted from tabatas, then cheated, so carb tired. Really good work on marketing today.

Dynamic Med Notes (1 hour 18 minutes):
x5 fidgeting
x1 shoulder
Notes: Exhausted from tabata - so there’s a big factor of exhaustion in my mind - which I guess I can use as well
Starting while watching a tv show rather than normal work.
Exhaustion can be a subject of meditation like any other negative arising