Day 420

Day 420 Record Keeping
Day 389 Fixed Meditation
Day 335 Bodyweight Exercise (1x8 typewriter pushups! FINALLY!)
Day 262 Writing (315 words)
Day 435 Eating
Day 70 Dynamic Meditation = 76 (20 min)
Day 17 Marketing = 65 (reading)

Great sleep, great wakeup. Nailed eating lately - had opportunities to cheat and automatically didn’t. Today I went to Freebirds (the best burritos in the world, in my opinion) and automatically chose to get it in a bowl without the tortilla - even though I gave myself permission to cheat! Fantastic fixed meditation practice. Finally busted out of my plateau with pushups to get to one full set of 8 typewriter pushups! 

Dynamic Med Notes (20 minutes):
-Felt unusually relaxed and focused today.
-Although I only recorded 20 minutes, I’ve been doing this almost all day with ease.
-This might have to do with the quality fixed meditation that I’ve been doing lately