Day 419

Day 419 Record Keeping
Day 388 Fixed Meditation
Day 334 Bodyweight Exercise (stretches, 3 bridges)
Day 261 Writing (223 words/edit)
Day 434 Eating
Day 69 Dynamic Meditation = 75 (1 hour 50 min)
Day 16 Marketing = 68 (action/reading)

Bad sleep, great wakeup.

Dynamic Med Notes (1 hour 50 min):
x3 fidgeting
x1 shoulders
x5 arising worry
x2 immense anger countered

Notes: Too much of a sympathetic feeling when I hear awkwardness when other people talk in social situations badly. I need to unhinge this.

-Anger comes up easily when I’m interrupted while absorbed in writing for a task I think is inconsequential. I still see some tasks, like writing, as trying to capture something in that moment, when I should understand that it’s already there, it’s a process that cannot be interrupted.