Day 413

Day 413 Record Keeping
Day 382 Fixed Meditation
Day 328 Bodyweight Exercise (5 rounds 25 lb kbell tabatas)
Day 255 Writing (180 words, editing)
Day 428 Eating
Day 63 Dynamic Meditation = 76 (1 hour 30 min)
Day 10 Marketing = 56 (action)

Bad sleep, slow wakeup. Yesterday my willpower went to 0 and depression and fear and worry set in. Hadn’t eaten all day. After eating late at night my energy levels and positivity returned. It was a scheduled cheat meal with a very sugary desert. Had immense energy and an eagerness to start the next day (today). But then couldn’t sleep at night, resulting in feelings of tiredness, etc today.

Dynamic Med Notes (1 hour 30 min):
-x4 fidgeting
-x4 shoulders
-x2 irritation
-x2 worry
-x3 Arising negativity caught
-x2 happiness
Notes: A need to focus on happiness specifically in times of pain and frustration