Day 411

Day 411 Record Keeping
Day 380 Fixed Meditation
Day 326 Bodyweight Exercise (3x10 kb swings)
Day 253 Writing (250 words)
Day 426 Eating
Day 61 Dynamic Meditation = 67 (1 hour)
Day 8 Marketing = 53 (action)

Horrible sleep, slow wakeup. Sick the last couple of days.

Dynamic Med Notes (1 hour):
x6  anger at hovering/intrusion and interruption of workflow when people think that writing is an interruptible task
x5 tension
x2 irritation
x9 shoulders
x2 arising of panic and fear while writing used tantra transf brief to get out of it
x1 the procrastinator comes up
Notes: the key is to relax into it - attempting that but having a really bad time