Day 408

Day 408 Record Keeping
Day 377 Fixed Meditation
Day 323 Bodyweight Exercise (stretching and 3 bridges)
Day 250 Writing (276 words)
Day 423 Eating
Day 58 Dynamic Meditation = 74 (20 minutes)
Day 5 Marketing = 53 (action)

Great sleep, good wakeup. Feel fuzzy - I think my bad…or rather..wobbly diet the last two weeks is catching up to me. I feel really bloated, have sporadic energy throughout the day.

Dynamic Med Notes (20 minutes):
x2 dealt with a big arising of depression
x1 nervousness caught
x5 anger/irritation caught

Notes: Feel really cloudy today. Bad eating from yesterday? Culmination of bad eating over the last two weeks catching up to me?

When I’m in the rhythm the speed at which I identify and start catching emotions is improving

Really irritable today.