Day 405 & A Note About Alcohol & Food

Day 405 Record Keeping
Day 374 Fixed Meditation
Day 320 Bodyweight Exercise (6 pushups)
Day 247 Writing (120 words)
Day 420 Eating
Day 55 Dynamic Meditation = 72 (20 min)
Day 2 Marketing = 18 (35 minutes of reading/active research)

Great sleep, slow wakeup. A bit hungover

A Note About Alcohol
During the last week I traveled quite a bit showing my friend around Texas. What was striking was how little I cheated food wise and how little I drank. Both were fueled by habit and a desire to NOT feel bad. My sensitivity to bad food has increased, and my sensitivity to drinking even a little bit is remarkable. 

This is a really good thing.

It makes NOT doing a habit significantly harder - the sure sign of a superhabit. And it underscores continuing down that path in the future. 

Last night I had an incredibly tiny amount of alcohol - two beers and a bit of wine -  and I felt horrible this morning. No headache, just that sense of lethargy and sickness, and it disrupted my sleep. My max limit of two drinks (wine or beer) even feels like it might be too much. I’m reminded of the Inebriati Sketch by Mitchell and Webb where the world’s greatest secret is that everything becomes better with ALMOST two drinks. But completing the second drink results in world annihilation. 

While I don’t think that every day necessitate drinking, having such a protocol when I drink might be worthwhile - a good middle ground. Call me one of the Knights Tippler, from now on!

Dynamic Med Notes (20 min):
x6 shoulders
x7 Fidgeting
x5 arisings of nervousness - caught
x1 arising of justice anger caught
Notes: Justice anger seems to be a big thing with me - the idea that things OUGHT to be a certain way and the anger that the world isn’t actually that way.