Day 40, Buddhism, & Waking Up

Day 40 Record Keeping SRHI = 51
Day 8 Fixed Meditation SRHI = 25
Day 7 Dynamic Meditation SRHI = 59
Great night sleep, very hard wakeup

Per my past post on the mind-stream, I’ve heavily researching Buddhism to see if there are any specific tips I can glean about equanimity training, what I’m calling Dynamic Meditation. There are many frustrations - many books describe the basics, few describe advanced techniques. A number of books are highly technical and involve a lot of Sanskrit or Pali terminology. I’ve been skimming a lot of books at a high rate - 20 books last night - zoning in on techniques, and I have a LOT more to go through. There have been a few gems, and I’ll share them once I’m done.

Over the last several days I’ve been noticing that there is a huge trend - I have very bad wakeups in the morning. There are some posts I’ve read talking about this, and ways to fix it. But it got me thinking - wouldn’t that be a great habit? Becoming a morning person?

It’s something I’ve always wanted to be. I hate waking up late and feeling like I’m behind the ball. I wakeup thinking that I have to catch up, and that’s not a great feeling. It bears some thought, but this might be a habit I want to cultivate for later.