Day 392

Day 392 Record Keeping
Day 361 Fixed Meditation
Day 307 Bodyweight Exercise (3 bridges)
Day 234 Writing (organizing pitches)
Day 407 Eating = 81
Day 42 Dynamic Meditation = 69 (40 minutes)
Great sleep, great wakeup. Sick. Really good fixed meditation and writing today.
Although I haven’t managed a full week streak of 80′s scores for eating, it’s come close twice (two 5 day streaks) and the only reason was because I was either sick or incredibly busy to record. I think I’m finally ready to call eating a superhabit.

Dynamic Med Notes (40 minutes):
x5 arising
x2 fidgeting
X2 shoulders
x1 laughter - again not quite getting into the groove of that “cheating at  life” feeling