Day 387

Day 387 Record Keeping
Day 356 Fixed Meditation
Day 302 Bodyweight Exercise (2 typewriter pushups)
Day 229 Writing (pitching)
Day 402 Eating = 82
Day 37 Dynamic Meditation = 72 (38 minutes)
Great sleep, ok wakeup.

Dynamic Med Notes (38 minutes):
x6 shoulders
x7 fidgeting
x1 arising
x2 darkness arising and tension
Notes: There is a cloudiness in m thoughts today - no doubt caused by my wakeup - how do I clean it out? Meditation of course

-Early wakeup, feeling a bit  out of sorts - starting is difficult
-Exp a bit of leakage which is great - I’m catching myself outside of this med zone
-a notable lack of that feeling of cheating at life - that’s troublesome