Day 379

Day 379 Record Keeping
Day 348 Fixed Meditation
Day 294 Bodyweight Exercise (3x6 pushups)
Day 221 Writing (blogging)
Day 394 Eating = 81
Day 29 Dynamic Meditation = 73 (1 hour)
Great sleep, slow wakeup. Depleted & press trip.

Dynamic Med Notes (1 hour):
x9 fidgeting
x1 shoulders
x1 negative arising
x3 satisfaction
Notes: It’s like trying to constantly remember something you keep forgetting - Each time I have to re-remember, or re-logic it into myself. But this seems very common. For habits at large, it’s hard to remember that there is a danger zone and by just keeping on you will get to habituation. Sometimes I think that’s what the Grit Scale really is - a scale that gauges your constant remembering or self-indoctrination of the process of improvement in long-term projects.

Maybe that’s what stream entry - when you don’t have to re-remember that getting sucked into the emotion isn’t profitable.